A whole decade has passed since the birth of D-Frax's production carrier. From his roots as a dj, D-Frax has grown into a producer with a clear focus towards the future.

His earliest memories of music were the moments when classical music was played at home. But he also remembered hearing Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds' on a cassette deck at a friend's house, it made a great impression on him. During his upbringing he took a course of piano lessons, but it didn't hold his attention for a long while; he was more interested in another way of making music.

His induction into the electronic arts would come a little later when he heard early house tracks like T99's 'Anasthasia' and The Prodigy's 'Android' on a cd player at his local music store (1991). Soon he had a passion for electronic music and he began to collect cd singles and albums. A few years later he bought his first vinyl records and turntables and he arranged a live performance on a local stage and tried out his mixes.

Around 1994 he bought an Amiga 1200 running a program called 'OctaMED', one of the first music trackers with 8 mixing channels. He spend hours of recording and programming samples. With these tools he made his first tracks.


In 1996 the name D-Frax was born (his own abbreviation of the physical phenomenon diffraction.) After playing in several clubs (including a gig in Hong Kong) and sharing the stage with dj's like Dimitri, Joost van Bellen and Orlando Voorn, he had a successful tour together with musicians and their concept called 'Lola Tanzt' (2001). This was an event where the artists combined techno music with the movie 'Lola Rennt', from the director Tom Tykwer.

After several years behind the turntables, he decided to focus completely on producing. He invested in more studio equipment and put all his energy in creating his own music again.

D-Frax started to work together with several musicians. One of them was Luftmeister. D-Frax's remix of Luftmeister's track 'Tonmineral' was nominated for the Foem 17 cd compilation. (2008, Germany)

D-Frax remixed 'A Sight to Behold' for the French band Gojira. (Original track appeared on their album 'The Way Of All Flesh').

This year D-Frax is celebrating 'A Decade D-Frax'. For this occasion he curated a mix with his best tracks from the past ten years.

After 2 years of hard work, D-Frax's first studio album is ready to see the light. This album is called 'Purple Moon' and is released on Rade Records.